All 2013-2014 Division I College Basketball Games

This visualization shows selected statistics for all 2013-2014 college basketball games between two Division I teams. It should be used for exploratory purposes only; the full data set is available here if you're interested in pulling out some more meaningful corelations from the raw data.


  • x-axis: perDrama, a measure of game excitement
  • y-axis: combined eFG%, based on Dean Oliver’s four factors concept
  • Circle radius: "Hype", the scaled harmonic mean of kenpom ratings entering the game
  • Notes

  • Selecting by conferences shows all games with at least one participant in that conference. If you want only conference games, use the radio buttons below.
  • The top two menus both allow multiple selections using the CTRL or ⌘ key.
  • This is still a work in progress; send feedback to or @drewbo19.
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