Baby's First Data Visualization

05 05 2014

Though I've put up a few smaller exercises before, I finally have a draft version of the first full data visualization that I've done the majority of the work on [1]. It's based on a metric I created last week using kenpom data.

It's not especially pretty or user friendly yet but, in the broadest sense of the word, it works. Check it out at the direct link or on the project page and let me know what you think.

Here's an short explanation of the axes since the project page is still light on info:

$$ max( \left (\frac{2* rating_{1} * rating_{2} }{rating_{1} + rating_{2}} \right ) - (351 - min(rating_{1},rating_{2})) - 200, 1) $$

Missing features/bugs:

Next week I'll share an updated version as well as some of the interesting basketball narratives that you can confirm/debunk using it.

[1]I'll also give a lot of credit to my co-workers Ross and Ilan for talking the idea over with me, as well as Mike Bostock, Scott Murray, Steve Hall, and Justin Palmer for their libraries, tutorials, and code examples.

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