Apr 28, 2014

New KenPom Metric

In the process of writing an article about March Madness ticket prices (coming soon), I ended up on kenpom.com, an absolutely fantastic site for college basketball analysis. The rankings and associated metrics produced by the site's namesake, Ken Pomeroy, have become nearly industry standard for coaches and fans alike. Note that parts of the site are behind a paywall but if you have even the slightest overlaping interesting in college basketball and statistics, it's definitely worth the subscription fee of $19.99.

The whole site is worth a look but I'd like to focus on one particular statistic here: win probability.

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Apr 21, 2014

Benford's Law

The last thing the internet needs is one more demonstration of Benford's Law but I'm going to do it anyway for three reasons:

  • it's a good way to experiment with the formatting of the site [1]
  • it's a fairly simple concept that is still a little non-intuitive
  • it's a good demonstration of how more local governments are making their financial data publicly available

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Apr 14, 2014

New Website

I'm going to start writing this new website using Pelican, which uses Python to generate static websites from reStructuredText. The theme is borrowed from fjavieralba which I will continue to customize to suit my needs as necessary. New content coming soon (when I figure ...
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